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Skiing is one of my favorite sports to do. Or should I say the most favorite one? I love skiing and I was so excited to fly back home and travel to Austria with my family for couple of days. Not only I got the chance to spend some days with them but I could also spend time doing what I love. So here are some pictures from Radstadt in Austria. 


I must admit that when I saw I was rostered for CAN, I didn't know what it meant. For a second I thought that it meant Canada which wouldn't make any sense at all. Then I searched for the abbreviation "CAN" which showed me that I was supposed to travel to China. CAN is an airport code for a place in southern China called Guangzhou which didn't make it any clearer for me because I've never heard of this place before. But I was ready to fly there and enjoy it as much as I could. 


First time in Bangkok and it was awesome! Everyone kept telling me what to do there, what I couldn't miss so I had a whole list written down. The flight to Bangkok is only about 5 hours and 30 minutes long which is short. People on board were so lovely and it was actually one of the best flights I've had so far, thanks to the crew as well. 


Finally got the time to edit all the pictures from my previous layovers so here I am today, with another traveling post. In February, I got rostered for Peking (Beijing), China. It was my first time in China and I was so excited to climb The Great Wall. I packed so many layers of clothes because I was scared it would be freezing up there. 


Recently me and my very good friend Kay (whom you may know from her YouTube channel) went to the restaurant called Fish Dubai. One day I was scrolling down one girl's Instagram account and she posted some pictures from a place that looked like Greece. So when I found out it was a restaurant placed in the centre of Dubai, our afternoon with Kay was set.